Heaven is under our feet as well as over our heads
Installation photographs of exhibition at Temple Contemporary

Sacred Porcelainized Offerings
Earthenware, steel, acrylic paint, aluminum, float glass, porcelain, fabric, wood, mason stain

The angle of the sundial’s gnomon (the shadow-casting triangle) corresponds to the co-latitude of the site in which the sacred offering in the glass casket was excavated. The single etched line on the dial plate records the time of the excavated. The sundial mark set this sacred offering apart from similar and identical sacred offerings unburied in other places and times.

Fossilized pussy willow in full bud plucked at Swan Island, Maine on Jan 31, 1906
Stoneware, pitch, glass, porcelain, fabric, wood, steel

Miraculous Deluge
Ceramic, oxide washes, underglaze, mason stains

The following clay tablets depict a deluge in which not a drop was spilled.

For the future to be open, space has to be open too (ongoing)
Stoneware, wood, stain, wax, felt, brass

From larger and more profane to smaller and more sacred, the plaque marking the property line on the sidewalk outside of The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania is devotedly copied in clay, shrinking with every iteration to make the line disappear from the earthly realm and into heaven.

Heaven is under our feet as well as over our heads
Porcelain, cobalt oxide


Originally weighing close to a ton, this frozen water cube was found in the deep sea wreckage of the Tuscany, a wayward brigantine ship that sank in Antarctic waters. The frozen water cube is displayed inside a bubble to conserve it.